Things to do in Hikkaduwa

First (or last) contact with Sri Lanka

Due to the easy access to Colombo Airport (2,5 hours transfer) and its many services, Hikkaduwa is a great introduction to Sri Lanka. Has a perfect balance of nature and holidays relax. Also a great place for your last stop in your trip through Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa Coral, Snorkel & Diving

The Hikkaduwa National Park contains a coral reef and a great biodiversity of tropical fish. Snorkelling it’s a must as equipment can be easily rented and boats can bring you to the best spots to enjoy the underwater world of Hikkaduwa.

Feed the Turtles

Besides snorkelling, where you will have the chance to swim next to turtles, down the beach, there is a spot where you can find giant turtles and even feed them with seaweed. Also, in the north of Hikkaduwa, there is a Turtle Research Center where they work to protect them.

Surf, Relax and Repeat

Hikkaduwa like Arugam Bay are the two main spots in Sri Lanka for surfers. This beach brings a great deal of surfers to enjoy the good conditions, atmosphere and crowd the Hikkaduwa gathers on its waves and bars by the water. Also, during the high season, the sea offer the perfect conditions for beginners.

Eat & Drink

The laid-back town of Hikkaduwa has a large range of gastronomic options, from local dishes, fresh fish, curry rice… to more western like options. Fresh beers and cocktails can be enjoyed in many of the bars by the beach while enjoying the sunset.

Visit the Temples

While there are many Buddhist temples around Hikkaduwa open for visitors to see, the most important one is Thotagamuwa Rajamaha Viharaya, with an ancient history and architecture, worthwhile to discover.

Hikkaduwa Nightlife

The city offers both beach rest and a vibrant nightlife and has become one of the main spots for travellers for a great night out. Various discos and bars on the beach where you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere.


Souvenir shops with many masks, clothes and jewellery are easy to find on the main road of Hikkaduwa but do not miss the Sunday market, Hikkaduwa’s harbour and its fishers market.


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